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Sevenfriday T-Series T2/02 Replica Watch

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PostPosted: 15-10-2020 08:01:46    Post subject: Sevenfriday T-Series T2/02 Replica Watch Reply with quote

SevenFriday P2B / 03-W "Woody" Limited Edition Watch

It seems that SevenFriday is not the person who started the conversation.Sevenfriday P3C/04 - RED CARBON . You will definitely receive such comments on your wrist. Here, we launched a new limited edition of the brand's avant-garde flagship model P series with a wooden case. We must praise SevenFriday, which is not just another example of mixing and matching colors in a limited edition-so don't be distracted by wood, because in fact, SevenFriday P2B/03-W has many more things to watch. Improvements and upgrades to this model have a long way to go in increasing its appeal.

Loyal fans of the brand may know that this is actually not the first time SevenFriday has used wood in a watch — the first time was in 2013, when I somehow missed P3/2. Obviously, the model has been nicknamed "Woody" by the public, and SevenFriday is now actually referring to this new model (I will leave any weak comments about the name to this smart listener). The previous SevenFriday Woody was successful and sold out, so SevenFriday decided to use mature design and new technology to bring it back.

Now, if you are new to the brand, let me try to quickly summarize what you should know. SevenFriday is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, and its design is entirely Swiss. The reason why they become the favorite products of fashionistas is that they are largely due to the influence of Japanese sports and Chinese architecture. They managed to keep prices down while maintaining individuality, high-quality architecture and solid personality. Modern, avant-garde design. the following. These large and eye-catching watches have no lugs, so they can be worn on more wrists, which means that the strap can be attached directly to the case. Before that, we have discussed each of these topics extensively on aBlogtoWatch and more detailed information about the brand, so I recommend checking out our SevenFriday other articles to learn more about them.RICHARD MILLE RM 50-04 Kimi Räikkönen

SevenFriday has 3 series, namely P, M and V, distinguished by the case and dial-and then there are numbered series in each series. The design of this SevenFriday P2B/03-W Woody Limited Edition belongs to the P2 “Industrial Revolution” series, and its design is “inspired by historic industrial production methods, manual hammering of copper, old iron tools and woodworking joiners.” If you haven’t already Enough images, the brand will provide pictures of watches in woodworking and woodworking environments. I somehow suspect that these watches will enter many callous wrists.

In addition to the lifestyle elements that SevenFriday is trying to evoke, their products are indeed very fashionable at the moment, and they have been trying to match them with higher quality and better prices. They do a good job of creating something unique and recognizable, and it really depends on your own personal style and taste, whether this recognizable design speaks to you. Our watch lovers sometimes ridicule watches with heavy fashion elements, which implies that the quality has been ranked second, but SevenFriday may have anticipated the criticism, you really can not say that to their replica watches price.

I don’t think we need to talk about other "wood watches" anymore, do we? I just know that there are more watches out there that use wood for the case or other parts (please check the related article below)-even the guy who really made everything out of wood. However, wood is not a common material for watches, and I do want to know how these external wooden elements on watches will last over time. It may be good, although we recommend not to soak them in water for too long.

Here, SevenFriday P2B / 03-W Woody wraps a dark gray PVD treated stainless steel case (called a "box") with an external wooden bumper (called an "animation ring"). According to the brand, the outer ring is composed of seven layers of American walnut, beech and cherry wood, which have been formed, lacquered and layered. Subsequently, SevenFriday worked with an Italian "luxury carpenter" named Watschinger to glue them together-it's nice to know that there is a luxurious carpenter there.

Now, I can finally understand what is different and interesting about this SevenFriday P2B / 03-W Woody model besides wood. Compared with the previous model, the dial immediately protrudes with greater depth. Now, all the marks are raised, and six of them are significantly more than the others. Superluminova modifies all the hour markers and hour hands (first used by SevenFriday), so you can at least know the hours in the dark. Where the corners of the dial of the previous model were decorated with four screws (?), the inset line now extends outward from the raised hour markers, resulting in a good size replica watches

Now, the seconds dial has been partially skeletonized, and the side view of the dial of the automatic Miyota 82S7 balance wheel has also been expanded. SevenFriday used to play with dial finishes. We usually associate it with movement decoration (such as perfume), and the dial uses Geneva stripes. For me, the cumulative effect of all these and some other small design adjustments is a more refined, mature and attractive SevenFriday P series watch.

The 24-hour indicator we know from other SevenFriday P series models has also been changed. Now, instead of two rotating discs, it is two concentric half-scales, each half-scale representing half of a 24 hour period. A central pointer with a short end and a long end points to the inner circle on the short side. When the long end appears, the inner circle is partially hidden to indicate the hours of the outer circle. As with the rest of the dial, all of this looks much more complicated than it actually is-once you know what to look at, the timing is actually standard.Carl F. Bucherer Patravi replica Watches

One last thing: SevenFriday started to integrate NFC or near field communication chips in its new SevenFriday V series watches to connect with smartphones and verify its authenticity, and the technology is included here. Since we discussed about the V series products, I will not introduce too much, but this seems cool, and in some cases even useful, and is a practical use of the technology.

I think SevenFriday has come a long way, and this SevenFriday P2B/03-W Woody watch display has undergone some improvements and upgrades, adding some to the brand’s value proposition – when we crawl in the market, people must Would expect this. The $1,500 mark. Although, I usually prefer the M series. SevenFriday P2B / 03-W Woody’s "Off series" (SevenFriday apparently calls it a limited edition) is 47 mm wide, comes with mineral glass, and is water resistant to 30 meters – do not swim in it – powered by an automatic Miyota 82S7 Hours of power reserve and a brown vintage oiled leather strap – so you must match the theme with your toolbox.Chopard MILLE MIGLIA replica Watches
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PostPosted: 06-11-2020 12:14:01    Post subject: Reply with quote

This one is good. I like the style and the design. It's really masculine and my brother will surely love it. It's his kind of style and design as well. I wonder how much is it, it will cost a fortune I think. It's very sporty and seems very long lasting. My brother loves watches, he has a collection of it and it depends on what's he's wearing for the day. Me and my brother is really close, we used to play online games together like Among Us free for PC and Gacha Life free for PC. It's our bonding time together with friends too.
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