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Wholesale College Jerseys From China

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PostPosted: 22-06-2020 03:10:41    Post subject: Wholesale College Jerseys From China Reply with quote

The Photograph

The little girl is scared. This place is new. Different. Bright. Hot. She wonders Cheap Jerseys China , ?why is this strange man is talking to me?? He raises his voice. ?Look over here,? he hollers. She'd look but the lights are bright. He holds up a toy. He squeezes it. The toy's eyes pop. It's interesting. Fun. She smiles. A bright flash of light pops. Her mother says, ?Good girl!? They are done. The picture has been created.

Someday the girl will appreciate this photo. She'll marvel at it. Scrapbook it. Show it off. Her kids will marvel. Laugh. Enjoy it too. So will their kids. But on this day she was afraid. The situation was new. Unknown. She wouldn't have looked if not for the toy. It caught her attention. Its fun beckoned. And the light went on.

This scene repeats itself millions of times a day at Wal-Marts, Olan Mills, Sears, photography studios all over the world Cheap Jerseys , and in classrooms filled with adults afraid of learning.

Survival or Pleasure

Our brain has a dual focus, survival and pleasure. Survival is the baseline. Without survival nothing matters. Our brain, to insure survival, never stops looking for threats. All the components of the brain, even those responsible for logic and arts, refocus immediately if the brain perceives a threat. This dynamic cannot be ignored in the classroom. Ideas Wholesale NCAA College Jerseys , and the intellectual application of those ideas, are unimportant to a threat focused brain.

Once a brain determines that survival is temporarily secure, it refocuses on the second priority, pleasure. The brain doesn't specifically want to have fun. It's just that many pleasurable sensations, including sleep, eating Wholesale Cheap College Jerseys China , sex and play, are directly tied to survival. The survival connection to food, rest and procreation seem obvious. The brain also needs intellectual stimulation. Thinking is the brain's own exercise machine, keeping it healthy, alert and functioning.

Being Right Or Being Left

A large portion of our brain, our neocortex Wholesale Throwback College Jerseys , consists of a left and a right hemisphere. The corpus callosum provides a communications bridge between the two halves. And the two hemispheres need all the communication help they can get. They see very little the same way. They resemble two siblings whose experience is the same but who rarely agree about what they experienced. With the help of the corpus callosum, the two hemispheres are able to partner. Together they simultaneously comprehend the details and the context.

Generally, the left hemisphere thinks logically, the right holistically. The left sequentially: the right randomly. The left analyzes, the right synthesizes. The left comprehends words: the right comprehends metaphors. The left examines what is said: the right discerns how it is said. The left seeks facts and details: the right stories and visuals. And most importantly for this discussion, the left processes positive emotions like laughter and joy: the right processes negative emotions like fear and disgust.

This duality allows our brain to size up unknown situations quickly. The right hemisphere surveys the big picture looks for survival threats. The left hemisphere analyzes the potential threats Wholesale Custom College Jerseys , and if no threat is present, looks for the positive aspects of the situation.

When the incoming information doesn't fit recognizable patterns, our brain goes on alert. If the right perceives negative potential it directs the release of cortisol. If the left perceives positive potential, adrenaline is released. Both of these brain chemicals sear memories into our brain. They allow us to remember the events years afterwards.

Baby-Sitting Adults

The threat of threats doesn't disappear in adults. As a result, the brain's survival focus can block learning. To the wary brain, a classroom can be Uncomfortable. Foreign. Threatening. The act of learning implies a lack of completeness. Learners suspicious of facilitator motives Wholesale Authentic College Jerseys , or fearful of their own learning disabilities, can become so wrapped up in right hemispheric negativity that they switch into survival mode. Learning is forgotten. Given that this brain panic cannot be stopped, smart trainers find ways to harmonize with and direct the brain's dual focus.

That's where Learnertainment? comes in. Entertainment style activities baby-sit the right hemisphere, keeping it busy with things it likes; cartoons, music, games Wholesale Cheap College Jerseys , interactivity, mnemonics. These activities provide the pessimistic right with a positive context. Once the right hemisphere is playfully engaged, learning can commence without blocking.

If you want your trainees to 'look at the camera,? baby-sit them. Focus them on pleasure. Not survival. Tell a joke. Display a toy. Play some music. Make it fun. By doing so, you will help snap mental pictures they can savor years into the future.

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